Do Blogs Matter in 2019?

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The simple answer is yes. The more complicated answer is still ‘yes’ but with the following caveat: Not the way you’re used to thinking about blogs.

The idea of blogs being this great revolution in expression and communication never did quite take off, and that’s coming from a blog post that says blogs remain essential. Simply put, blogs never became truly glamorous, but have remained more or less in a secondary position to websites, articles, etc., which is more or less what blogs were originally intended to be – B-logs which were notes left on servers about work that had been done so engineers could pick up each other’s progress.

In the real world, blogs work as a second layer website devise best put to use as a kind of advice column for your customers. The whole tell-your-story thing and show how your business is a great and wonderful paradise approach has faded in favor content like straightforward best-practice tips, at least as far as useful blogs are concerned


A useful blog is several things, most of them obvious, like pages that get a significant number of visits, increased SEO visibility, the launching a readership, and the informing of customers. Consistency is the key to getting all four of the aforementioned pillars to stand firm.

When you post once or twice a month on your blog, you can expect several things to happen. First, you will begin to grow in SEO significance. Not that a particular page will produce a magic combination of ‘woo’ and suddenly rank you at the top of the page for the juiciest search term. But you will spread your brand through the subjects you write about. A little careful use of long-tail keyphrases and geolocation and your posts will be coming up in customer searches.

For example, a local plumber who writes an expository blog post about simple toilet fixes (and life is always more stress-free when you know how to fix your own toilet), will rise in SEO significance, either with the blog post itself or through better ranking of a top-level page for a ‘toilet fix’ search term. Add some geolocation, and the plumber’s phone will ring more often, even if they did just tell their customers how to fix a toilet.

Branding is mostly an exercise in reminding. Blogs are useful for building things like newsletter lists with buttons that read ‘Get This Post in Your Mailbox’. The more you put your name in front of a potential customer the faster they’ll become a customer. Keeping blogs significant isn’t hard. Every business has knowledge that will benefit their customers and make their products and services stand out. You aren’t expected to give away the store, but you can likely find something to impart that will make a customer’s use of your product easier or more pleasurable. Making someone else’s life easier is why most businesses exist, at least those that stay around for awhile. Your blog should reflect and compliment your company’s mission. Think of it like tipping the customer.

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